Battlefield or Not–AI MOD


Battlefield or Not–AI MOD

What else was done in Version 1.0?
This is the best AI mod!
Overwrite this file to X:STEAM\steamapps\common\Ready or Not\Ready Or Not\Content\Paks

V0.7 MOD changes to the original version:
I、AI changes:
1. Greatly increased the impact of melee attacks and spray on the morale of bandits, making it easier for bandits to submit. Slightly increased the impact of various thunder and non-lethal firearms on the morale of the bandits. When killing an enemy companion, the enemy will be affected by a slight increase in morale points to a limited extent.

2. Humanized increases the reaction time of bandits when encountering enemies.

3, limited to reduce the bandit’s hit probability.

4. Now the bandits in the battle will spend more time to lock the player’s position and take the initiative to attack.

5, slightly reduced the bandit’s field of vision in the idle state, now you can try to sneak into the game, according to Google research, the effective viewing angle of people in the relaxed state is about 70 °, feel almost that meaning, the bandit idle state of vision from 90 ° down to 70 °, the visual distance has also been slightly lowered. The field of view and angle of view remain at 160° under alertness without modification.

6. Slightly reduced the alert duration of the bandit AI to match the stealth mode player.

7, greatly increased the probability of AI fake surrender (this mechanism triggers a lot of rules)

II. Mode: All Raid and Blockade Mode, Tripping Thunder has increased to a maximum of 7 (Rational Surprise), And the Shooting Mode, Gas Station Bomb Disposal Mode, and Hostage Rescue Mode have not changed much. Slightly increased the health of bandits and civilians. Greatly increased the chances of bandits raiding their butts and patrolling vigilantes.

1. Gas station map: The number of bandits increased to 20 and civilians increased to 5 in the attack mode. In lockdown mode, the number of bandits increased to 15 and civilians to 10.

2. Port: The number of bandits and 5 civilians in the attack mode increased to 40. In lockdown mode, the number of bandits increased to 35 and civilians to 10.

3. Farm Manor: In the blockade mode, the number of bandits increased to 35, and the number of civilians was 0. This update can be refreshing!

4. 213 Hut: Increased to 20 bandits and 10 civilians in blockade mode.

5. Hotel: In lockdown mode, the number of bandits increased to 30 and the number of civilians increased to 15. In the bomb disposal mode, the number of bandits is increased to 15, the number of civilians is 10, the maximum is 3 tripwires, and 3 bombs need to be removed, which is limited to 15 minutes.

6. Repair shop: The number of bandits increased to 35 and civilians in the blockade mode to 7.

III. Other changes:
1. The stun effect of various grenades and non-lethal firearms on bandits has been adjusted to a limited extent.



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  1. jpers says:

    why after i instal this mods i cant ad others mods to the game

  2. steven says:

    not knowing the actual game mode names but modding the AI lmao 10/10

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