Terrorist Hunt Game Mode V2


Terrorist Hunt Game Mode V2

What else was done in Version 2.0?
The goal of this AI mod is to create a fast paced, action packed scenario where you push through the environment fast and efficient, you go deep into enemy territory, expect lethal opponents that will track you down, even if you fall back to a point you’d previously would’ve considered safe.
The way you engage the hostiles is up to you, less lethals are very efficient against enemy morale, where as blowing up or kicking down doors only alerts them.
Choose your loadout wisely, keep cool and show your A-Game!

– Removed civilians except the necessary ones like the girl on Hotel
– Increased amount of suspects to the maximum amount possible on each map
– Increased health across the board, Civilians are a bit tougher than default, Suspects are tougher, just imagine everyone is wearing body armor now, Swat units are a
bit tougher as well, to allow solo players to experience the mode as well as making group play a bit more fun
– Increased chance of open doors on initial insertion to make clearing certain spots more difficult
– Increased suspect awareness range both in alerted and non alerted states
– Increased the time suspects will remember engaging you
– Increased the time during which suspects will track you down after engaging you
– Increased suspect decision and reaction time to seek cover / fire weapons
– Removed traps

Installation: Simply drop the pak file under (XY\SteamLibrary\steamapps\common\Ready Or Not\ReadyOrNot\Content\Paks) and replace the already existing file.



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