Voice Commands through VoiceAttack


Voice Commands through VoiceAttack

What else was done in Version 1.0?
Lets you use your voice to give orders to your squad, report to TOC, tell suspects and civilians to comply, and more. REQUIRES VOICEATTACK


Requires the full version of VoiceAttack

This mod is based off of Bailey’s VoiceAttack profile, but has a lot more variety in sentences and has added commands that would realistically be used or were simply missing.

I’m working on getting this profile as close to the original SWAT 4’s voice commands, but with a lot more options and ways to phrase your sentences.


1: Install VoiceAttack
2: Unzip the file
3: Open VoiceAttack and click the + button on the top right and click “import profile”
4: Find and select “Ready or Not VA by ChadStevens”


The full list of commands can be seen in the VoiceAttack editor (square with a pen).

* = wildcard (can say anything before or after it)
[] = grouping
; = multiple choices for words
;] = optional group of words

SWAT team

Most of the command structure is built like this:

(teamname), (queue), [perform action]. Anything between parentheses is optional.

“Gold, on my go, open bang and clear” followed by “gold, initiate” would make your whole squad stack up to a door and initiate a flashbang and clear on your command. Make sure you look at the door by the time the voice


To shout for complience, say anything you would expect police/swat to say to get someone to comply. Things as:
“hands up” or “get on your knees”, “drop the weapon” or simply “stop”. There are a lot of ways to get your point across.

Reporting to TOC

You can report to TOC in a lot of ways, ranging from simply saying “suspect/civilian down/injured” to “TOC, this is entry team. We have a suspect down. Requesting medical”.
Anything that includes the word “TOC” or “suspect” will trigger a report if you’re looking at them


You can order your squad to pick up evidence with phrases like
“red, pick up that weapon”, “grab that evidence”, “search for guns” or any combination of those. Note that you can only order them to pick up one item at a time, and that ordering them manually may be the better option if there’s a lot of evidence around.


Voice commands may take a moment to take effect. This means that if you plan on only using your voice to shout for compliance, you might get a lower score. However, I personally don’t see this as a problem because the rules of engagement still apply: If a suspect points their gun at you before you manage to announce yourself, you are cleared to fire.

If you have any suggestions for lines or if you are missing any that you like to use, no matter how small, let me know.

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