RCMP ERT Reskin mod 1.0


RCMP ERT Reskin mod 1.0

What else was done in Version 1.0?
Texture Changes:
– Uniforms
– Helmets
– Ballistic vests
– Ballistic shield

Much more to come!

C8IUR Rifle
C8A3 Rifle
Custom sounds



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  1. Dar says:

    Hi please contact me if you’d like someone to help assist you in both re-creating the variety of ERT operator’s whether it be RCMP MCU[major crimes unit{I WAS LITERALLY FLASHBANGED AND RAIDED BY ERT IRL!!!}].

    I also can assist in creating the Colt Canada/Diemaco AR-15’s [title’d “C7a{x} to the C8a{x} version.]

    It would be kinda cool to re-texture the bearcat to “Emergency Response Team” instead of SWAT as well the police cars.
    Maybe we could create the semi-auto variant’s that patrolling officer’s are issued with the vehicle[one AR and one shotgun], I could see making Patrol skins like Provincial and City uniforms and equipment. A .40 Glock 22 is personally something I’d like to add: having more damage and force applied when a suspect is hit.

    I’m not an animator but if you are i can make some model’s for you. I have real-steel weapons i can use for model creation: ERT/Canadian LEO’s have unique holsters, here in Saskatoon you will find some using leather safariland holsters to kydex Blackhawk holsters.
    Here is what we get issued in STOON:
    [i use this one]: https://cdn.athlonoutdoors.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2015/01/retention-holsters-gwle-feb-2015-safariland-6360.jpg
    During my experience with the ERT raid conducted by RCMP MCU in conjunction with sask Gang-Task Force and City officer’s. The officer holding me at gunpoint was using this holster: https://cdn.athlonoutdoors.com/wp-content/uploads/sites/8/2015/01/retention-holsters-gwle-feb-2015-blackhawk-serpa.jpg

    Anyways contact me via email if interested darmaz38 at gmail.com

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